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30 Dec 2015
For generations, hardwood flooring has proven a robust constructed option to add an appealing charm to your beautiful homes. Captivating elements will add a luxurious feel to your property not only with the selected elements, but using the classy fusion of modern design ideas with the hardwood flooring material. You must have explored the flooring options before, but keeping in mind the longevity in terms of finishing as well as charming effects, it is proved to be an ideal way of creating an aura using a material comes up in many design options for both interior as well as exterior applications. 

London is a country known for its perfect architectural designs so it is required to keep in mind its finishing even when you want to renovate or repairing your floors this new year. Just a small mistake can completely transform the look and appeal of your sweet home which requires a special emphasis in choosing the ideal option within a particular category of wooden flooring. 

Hardwood Flooring will be the perfect flooring option to improve the appearance of a dull infrastructure in London. Hardwood is available in different species as the product has some natural characteristics which will be engineered to provide the sustainable finish. There are enormous options you can explore including the regular ones meant for the certain purposes to add the captivating elements.  

Basic types of wood floors:

Solid wood flooring:-  Hardwood flooring fabricated with a thick solid wood and groove sides to join the board which is more beneficial for its ability to re-sanded as well as refinished over the years. But solid wood floors comes unfinished or pre-finished using the different wood species. Only a single drawback hold the users back to use such sorts of products for flooring purposes including its susceptibility to expansion and contraction due to the humidity changes.  

Engineered wood flooring:- You can explore the three major engineered wood flooring options such as strip flooring, plank flooring as well as parquet flooring. Strip and plank wood flooring options available in different width and thickness whereas the parquet flooring has a very different appeal which comes in a geometrical pattern.


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